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For those who need maximum low end from their severed headstocks.

I'm pretty sure these guys have PhDs in advanced mad scientist-ing.

Scratch all of the "Best of 2014" lists, because Glenn's found The Sex Kittens

The band shows off its rigs while on tour with Gojira and Kvelertak.

Fretless bass insanity to make you doubt your own playing ability all weekend.

We spoke to bassist Joseph Rowland about his Clarke's boots and Guild bass.

Guitarists Corey Schaefer and Duane Conlon show how to play "13 Miles" while bassist Joe LoCasto breaks down his rig.

In this simile ebony is a stand in for "the bass guitar" and ivory is an allegorical representation of "a

I wonder where that fish did go, a fish, a fish, a fishy, oooohhhhhh?

Now that the rest of us are quitting music, can I call dibs on human taxidermy?

Wait, is that a Fender P-Bass in David's hands instead of one of his trusty Jacksons?