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Filmed during the band's performance at the Bonnerhaus in North Hollywood, CA on June 5th.

This is one major league bass. Balls! That should have been the headline.

Bass, how low can you - no wait, we already used that one.

Wait, if their new album is titled Regicide, and they're the kings of playthroughs, then is the regicide actually a

I will also accept "It's a Unix System" and "I've Spared No Expense" as alternate headlines. Unfortunately "We Have a

We've met him, and know that he's a good guy.

Looks like you need another round of Glenn Fricker Yelling at you to whip you into shape.

Keeley has released the "Bassist Limiting Amplifier." It's two notches better than the "Bass" and "Basser" versions.

Lewis Black's Canadian metal producer cousin has some choice words for the trolls this week.

This amp modeling software was too big to be contained on your phone. Well, actually the installation size wasn't particularly

Careful, too much bass in your guitar playing might prevent you from getting laid.

They may look like space heaters, but what they'll really heat up is your music.