Ask a Producer

On this edition of Ask a Producer, we've enlisted Arthur Rizk (producer for Power Trip and Inquisition and guitarist for Sumerlands and Eternal Champion) to

How do you record sound in a freaking desert??

Sometimes, nothing else will do!

Make your drums sound like a person played them, and not a robot!

Turn your song ideas into awesome demos with no hassle!

Fine-tune the velocity of your drum programming today!

The Pantera producer talks using multiple sources

Converge guitarist and God City Studio owner discusses one of metal's age-old questions.

Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist and Backroom Studios owner Kevin Antreassian runs down the basics of how to use phase relationships

Martin Bisi talks about some strategies for placing microphones when recording drums.

We speak with the legendary producer of albums by Helmet, Swans, Sonic Youth, and more, about his approach to recording

With bonus tips on cable management on-stage and in the studio!