PUPIL SLICER’s LUKE FABIAN Shares Playthrough Of “Momentary Actuality”

Pupil Slicer bassist Luke Fabian is now streaming his playthrough of the song “Momentary Actuality”, proving yet again that fingerstyle bassists rule. Fabian uses:


“‘Momentary Actuality’ is taken from the second Pupil Slicer LP Blossom. Although it’s a relatively short track, it has a lot of different parts and I feel it was carefully and considerately placed into the album. Likewise, I tried to reflect this in the bass parts for the tracks. Using octaves on the main riffs for thickness, some slap in the mathcore type ‘verse’, a melodic and arpeggiated progression in the chorus and some dissonant chords in the middle section to thicken the guitar panic chords.

“This is a fun song to play live, and to do backing vocals on. This was the third single released from Blossom and a firm staple in the set list for the foreseeable. The playthrough was shot at Patronaat, Haarlem in the Netherlands on our Tour with Boris earlier this year in May. For the record, and live I used this 5 string Ernie Ball MusicMan Stingray, tuned AEADG.”

Pupil Slicer’s Blossom is out now and available here.

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