ANIMALS AS LEADERS’ Matt Garska Releases New “Permutation” Drum Loop


If there’s one drummer who continues to baffle us with their ability, Animals As Leaders‘ Matt Garstka is at the top of our list. On the heels of releasing his extensive drum course Mastering Time, the young musician just put out this pretty wild drum exercise, entitled “Permutation Loop”. You can read more about the specifics from Garstka below, and then head over to his Shopify page to snag this little baby for only tres smackeroos. That’s $3.00 USD in case that wasn’t clear.

More specifically about the loop, Garstka had this to say:

“By permutating or displacing a single rhythm 7 different times I ended up with 8 similar but slightly different rhythms. I then experimented with several different arrangements or orders of these rhythms and this is the order I found was most musical, effective, flowing/grooving and interesting. I then wrote a midi based loop to this permutation sequence so I could speed up and slow down at will. I have played to this many times at many different speeds and it was a great tool for organizing patterns and eventually spawning other patterns/variations off of those stock or original interpretations. After playing many times to these patterns I found I had greater control of the smaller details but lacked spontaneous inspiration. This is a phenomenon I often experience. It’s almost as if I’m too dialed into upholding the structure/order, cleanliness/execution and accuracy to see the bigger picture. When I have some space(days or weeks maybe even months) from these exercises, works or patterns and come back I often feel re-inspired and more free over the music. I’m not quite as accurate but this is a sacrifice I realized is worth making for my personal playing style. Maybe you’re different and tend to lean more towards spontaneity and could sacrifice some of that for a bit more order in your playing, but the point is that tools or obstacles like this can help us simultaneously become more conscious of who we are as artists/people and develop what we can/will be.”

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