ABIOTIC Reveals Music Video For TECH AF Song “Emerald”

DUD WHO REMEMBERS ABIOTIC?! Okay, technically the band has been active again since 2018, but back when they put out A Universal Plague and Symbiosis, I remember them being the talk of the metal town for a while. Then Causitry came out in 2015, but with some financial issues and other internal problems, the band split. Luckily for us, the band is back with a slight lineup change and have blessed up with their new track “Emerald.”


Okay, so “Emerald” isn’t BRAND new since it came out in 2019, but this video IS brand spanking new and it gives us a little taste, a little kiss if you will, of how their live shows are. Man, this song is technical as SHIT and features some FASTBOI.JPEG drumming.

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