June 2015

The drum-god of Vanilla Fudge and more goes in-depth into linear drum beats in his new course for Drumeo.

We interviewed a bunch of bands about the first thing they played.

Ballou and Ellard speak with legendary engineer and Berklee professor Susan Rogers about one of the most important albums of

Have you ever loved something so much that it hurts?

Uke see us comin' and uke altogether run for covaaaaaahhh

Premier Guitar got the scoop on the legendary thrash band's current touring rig.

Son of Frank and leader of Zappa Plays Zappa has a number of new video guitar lessons.

Cocktail on the beach? Don't mind if I do!

Not srsly. But guitarist Satchel does have some beautiful Kramers.

Steven Brodsky shows you the meaning of chromatic passing tones.