Paul Ozz Reviews the Aristides Instruments 060

We’ve been following the Aristides instruments story from the time it broke that someone made a crazy new material for guitars to their NAMM debut. These Arium guitars are a one-piece body with the only wood being the fretboard – certainly a more sustainable guitar if ever there has been one. But the question is the same with all guitars claiming sustainability – does it still SOUND good?


Canadian guitarist Paul Ozz wanted to take the time and make sure that you knew – it does indeed. It doesn’t just sound good, it sounds KILLER! Of course, as we’ve established, this has as much to do with the player as the instrument, but this particular one in Dutch Orange has Bare Knuckle Juggernaut pickups and a fixed Hipshot bridge (although you can order them with other options for bridge and pickups).

I think that the possibilities for non-wood guitars that sound this good are endless, and that one day when we’re all huffing silver spraypaint and screaming “WITNESS ME” and there are no trees left to make guitars, we’ll be very grateful that these crazy Dutch bastards came up with something we can really use.

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