NAMM 2014: Aristides Guitars New 070 7 String

Remember back in November when we told you about the futuristic new guitar made of futuristic new materials from the future? Well we were able to catch up with these cool Dutchmen of Aristides Instruments during NAMM last week and they gave us the rundown on their new axe, the 070 7 string, made of Arium, a material these mad scientists cooked up in their freaky deaky Dutch lab. It comes with your choice of bridge (hardtail or Floyd), pickups (Seymour Duncan, EMG, or Bare Knuckle), and comes in a number of cool basic finishes, the most exciting of which (that I played) was an orange matte. Because the only part of the guitar that is wooden is the fretboard, the guitar is impervious to weather, as Fred Brum pointed out, having flown in from Portugal for the show.


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