New Guitar Made of Futuristic New Material

A company called Aristides guitars in the Netherlands has created a line of one-piece body guitars made from a brand new material called “Arium”, that has “no fiber structure”, which is supposed to allow it to vibrate completely freely in all directions, increasing sustain and aiding the female orgasm. It also does not contain any water, making it more stable and resistant to temperature and humidity changes.


This thing looks like it came off the set of Star Trek and was played by a guy with space gills and suction cup hands. They are designed entirely on a computer with 3-D modeling, from which a mold is created. The Arium is poured into a mold that creates the final shape. The end result is a guitar made from one continuous piece of elfin science magic. And it sure is pretty.

They’re not a brand new company, but they do have a brand new 7 string, the 070, that is due out in January. The passive model is going to have Seymour Duncan Pegasus/Sentient combo (see Keith Merrow’s demo of the Pegasus), and the option of EMG81/60 combo or Duncan Blackouts. So this one is clearly aimed at ye metalheads.

They have a range of models, priced from around $4000-5500.

Here’s some video:

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  • Honestly I would like a demo video which demonstrates the raw tone of the guitar, single track, no effects and where its superior like more sustain without a compressor and distortion.

  • Cool material, but price and looks are very off putting.

  • If they had a cheaper price and maybe got rid of the inset cutaways above and below the strings I might have the GAS for these. Reminds me of a cross between the Ibanez S Series and a Yamaha RGX-A2 in some ways.

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