Watch JIA Keyboardist Alan Hankers’ Approach To Writing And Performing With “Citizen”

JIA is a name you’re going to be hearing more and more in the coming months. The result of years of work between bassist Jacob Umansky, guitarist Ivan Chopik, and keyboard player Alan Hankers, the progressive metal trio has finally hit the public sphere with the release of their first single “Drift” (video below), and much more music to come! To show you his approach to writing and performing this type of catchy-yet-intricate music, we’re pleased to present this exclusive video of Alan Hankers performing his own track “Citizen”, only right here, on Gear Gods!


Combining elements of jazz harmony, glitchy EDM beats, and industrial percussion and wrapping it all up in a warm blanket of modern pop sensibility, this track is an excellent example of what Alan is truly capable of. You can tell the dude feels right at home behind the keys and shows no mercy when performing a part that requires some extra intensity. And even though “Citizen” isn’t a traditional metal tune, there are plenty of moments that demonstrate not only how well this type of vibe translates into the heavy world that JIA thrives in, but also how integral Alan’s role is to their overall sound.

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