MARY Z And Friends Debut “We’re Stars” Hear ‘N Aid/Dio Metal Cover at NAMM 2020

It’s wild to think that just a few months ago everyone in this video was together in a room. Not only were they in a room together but some of them were sharing the same vocal booth! Can you imagine if we knew then what we know now? Someone would probably have to call the cops!


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Well, luckily for all of us this massive group cover of “We’re Stars” was captured at NAMM 2020 before we all retreated to our abodes to practice proper social isolation. All of the vocals from this song were tracked right on the floor (and stairs) at NAMM 2020. Mary Zimmer of VoiceHacks and Helion Prime is the mastermind behind this video but it features A TON of familiar faces. Who do you recognize? We’re STAAAAAAARSSSSSSSSS.

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