Axe Hacks

4 pedals, 4 different flavors.

Switch out the EMG 707Xs on a Strandberg Boden OS7 to Fishman Fluence pickups with some help from Axe Hacks!

Not one but TWO video lessons from the Animals as Leaders mainman.

What if instead of cables, transformers, and plugs, your rig felt more like Legos, Lincoln Logs, and Tetris?

No, the Eureka Prom is not a formal dance for people who are really into science.

Let's throw some Bare Knuckle Black Hawks in this Les Paul. But first, the EMG 85 set has to go.

No need to kemper your expectations: this is a quality pedal.

Because inexpensive doesn't have to mean cheap.

You don't want limp, straggly rosewood, do you? You're looking for volume.