November 2015

Our guest this week is Matias Kupianen, guitarist and engineer of STRATOVARIUS!

Tag a drummer friend who needs this, and also get him a towel to wipe the drool.

How you gonna (Tesser) act?

Stay home, and avoid being stabbed over a flatscreen TV!

We froze and heated up a Vigier neck - how did it hold up?

Check out some gear war stories from some of the top road warriors in the 'biz.

Between the buried and you and me, this is a pretty cool contest.

MetalSucks talked to Kurt about recording at the Converse Rubber Tracks studio.

I guarantee this is the weirdest, most intriguing metal song you'll hear today.

Plug in your headphones and "Unplug" to some groovy drumming.

Rishabh Seen is back with another bit of East meets West!

Do you have what it takes to be a Guitar God?

This Wizard's tools are cooler than a wand!