Want to get your hands on some cool deals on gear, but don’t want to leave your house? We’ve compiled a list of Black Friday deals that you can impulse-buy from your easy chair, while the rest of the world tramples each other for an XBox.


Airis Effects – Savage Drive and Doomsday Delay are $20 off and Solar Flare is $50 off. Also some random custom pedals under $100 on their Reverb.com store.

Ultimate Ears Pro – Order any custom in-ears (except the UE 4 Pro) and get a free set of UE900 universal in-ears – that way you have a pair and a spare! We have the 900s and they’re the best universal IEMs we’ve tried.

Legator Guitars – 30% off all new 2016 models and 50% off all in-stock clearance guitars.

Rosen Digital – All IRs and bundles on sale, including special Black Friday mystery bundles.

Toontrack – 80% off EZMix 2 and Retro Electric EZKeys Pack, 75% off ROCK! EZX. That’s a screamin’ deal.

Slate Digital – Bundles of bundles.

Carvin/Kiesel Guitars – Lots of deep markdowns on in-stock guitars.

Waves Plugins – All bundles on sale, with increasing discounts for more products bought together.

Two Notes Engineering – 10% off all cab IRs using checkout code BackInBlackFriday2015

Black Lion Audio – 30% off all mods, and 40% off B-Stock gear in their Reverb store

Soundtoys – Everything on sale, full bundle of everything they make for $299 – Little Alter Boy plugin is FREE

Vintage King – Lots of deals on lots of stuff.

Pro Tone Pedals – Attack OD, Haunted Delay, and more on sale.

If you find more, comment them so we can add them to the list!

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  • Soundtoys bundle 299$ instead of 499$!

    • Good one! Added.

  • Waves are also giving away Truverb for free

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