WAKE Gives You A Rundown Of Their Gear

Wake will release their crushing new record Thought Form Descent tomorrow, July 22. We caught up with the band to get a full list of their gear, as well as their logic behind each individual rig. Check it all out below and pre-order Thought Form Descent here!


Rob LaChance

  • Gibson Les Paul Custom Silverburst
  • W/ Bareknuckle Aftermath Pickups
  • Gibson Les Paul Custom Black
  • W/Lace Drop and Gain Pickups
  • Soldano SLO 100 watt
  • Orange 4×12 and 2×12
  • Horizon Devices Precision Drive
  • Hall of Fame Reverb
  • Earthquaker Devices Avalanche Run Stereo reverb/delay
  • Eventide H9
  • D’addario NYXL 12/60
  • D’addario Cables
  • Boss Tuner
  • Dunlop .73mm max grip

Ryan Kennedy

  • Fender standard jazz bass
  • Fender Bassman 300 Pro
  • Mesa Powerhouse 8×10
  • BSRI Ashmaker
  • Boss OC-2
  • Electro-Harmonix Holy Stain
  • Earthquaker Devices Rainbow Machine
  • Earthquaker Devices Ghost Echo
  • Boss RC-3
  • Operational Audio custom boost
  • D’addario Cables
  • D’addario EXL230

Arjun Gill

  • EverTune-loaded LTD MH-1000
  • w/ Avedissian Diamondback pickups
  • Peavey 6534 Amp
  • Mesa/Boogie 4×12
  • Orange Amps Cab2x12
  • Source Audio Ventris reverb pedal
  • MCR Carbon Copy delay pedal
  • D’addario NYXL 12/60
  • D’addario Cables
  • Boss Tuner
  • Dunlop .73mm max grip

Josh Bueckert

  • Yamaha Oak Custom drums: 9×12, 12×14 rack toms, 16×16 floor, 18×22 kick Ludwig Supraphonic 6×14 snare
  • Sabian cymbals: 14” HHX Groove hats, 18” HH Rock crash, 21” AAX Stage Ride (used as a crash), 22” HH Rock ride, 18” Signature Jia china, 18” Signature Holy china
  • Tama Road Pro and miscellaneous old Yamaha hardware
  • DW 9000 pedals
  • Remo or Evans heads
  • Vater 5B sticks
  • Gerolsteiner sparkling water

“I try to keep as much of my rig Fender as possible,” said bassist Ryan Kennedy. “Even if the 300T is just a Sunn circuit rebranded, it’s still a Bassman to me. My ’65 Bassman is my favourite amp I’ve ever owned, but this is a close second. Operational Audio custom made the clean boost I use and I love how unobtrusive it is, good for a subtle decibel or two without killing my fundamentals.”

“I bought this Yamaha Oak Custom kit new about ten years ago while working at a drum shop and ordered the 14″ tom separately as I was into the whole big drum 4 piece Bonham vibe for years,” said drummer Josh Bueckert. “At the time I was deciding between this kit or red DW that Dave Grohl used for a couple shows on a Them Crooked Vultures tour. Im glad I went with the Oaks, they’ve really opened up and become more resonant as the wood has aged, and I think they look cooler now that the finish is weathering. It’s one of a couple pieces of gear that I own that I will never sell. ” Drummer

“I’ve been using an Evertune equipped ESP/LTD MH-1000 for almost 5 years now,” said guitarist Arjun Gill. “The Evertune enables me to not worry about tuning mid set or wailing on my strings too hard and causing them to detune. Being able to set the bend levels for individual strings is also fantastic. LTD makes incredible quality guitars, perfect for modern metal and so much more.”-

“The newest addition to my simple but effective rig is the Horizon Devices Precision drive pedal,” said guitarist Rob LaChance. “Probably the best Modern Metal overdrive you can buy. This combined with my SLO makes for a tone of no other.”

Wake as a band also added “Shout out to the best string company in the world D’Addario.” Check out photos of their gear below.

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