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IK Multimedia make a ton of stuff that I love and use constantly – their Hammond plugin is outrageously great (to the point that we used it on our album INSTEAD of the real Hammond organ and Leslie we have access to), SampleTank 4 is jam-packed with killer sounds I gravitate towards often, AmpliTube 5 rules, and I use Syntronik for synth sounds all the time. And that’s not even half of the software they make!


I’ve often thought about how with all the music creation and processing software they make, you could write, record, sequence, mix, and master pretty much anything, start to finish, using only their stuff – and now I can actually do that! With the IK Multimedia iLoud MTM & Total Studio 3 MAX bundle, you have (almost) everything you need to make music in the box (you’ll also need an interface – but don’t worry, IK makes those too).

As a bundle, it’s a hell of a deal – a bundle of bundles, really. Each speaker is normally $349, and Total Studio 3 MAX (in itself, a bundle of software) is $899 – buying them separately would put you back $1597, plus tax. So for $999, this bundle of bundles, this joy of joys, is officially a steal of a deal. Like, if you were thinking of buying TS3M already, it’s literally just like adding $100 to get a sick pair of speakers that would normally set you back almost $700.

Working in the box, for songwriting and composing especially, is very common for musicians these days, since access to real recording studios can be prohibitively expensive. And even if you’re planning to record some or all of your songs in a larger studio, it pays off BIG to have detailed pre-production dialed way in before you get there, and having demos that sound close to the finished product requires great software. This will save you literally thousands of dollars in studio time and headache, and having everything to do that all in one bundle is truly a lifesaver.

With the amazing sounds in TS3M, though, you can get top-quality sounds and production in the comfort of your bedroom or basement studio, plus amazing monitoring of those sounds through some bangin’ monitors. With MODO Bass and MODO Drums, you can easily and intuitively create drum and bass tracks for your songs, plug in your guitar and get every tone under the sun with Amplitube 5 MAX (includes all the expansions), add synths and samples with SampleTank 4 MAX and Syntronik, epic it up with some orchestration courtesy of Miroslav Philharmonik, and then mix the track with T-Racks 5 MAX and MixRack after calibrating your room with ARC System 3 – and polish the whole thing off by mastering it with Lurssen Mastering Console. Phew!

I think the main reason you’ll want to consider getting this bundle before buying any of the IK products individually is this – the last thing you want to do is to figure out in a month that you want to buy another one of their plugins and wish you’d just sprung for the whole bundle. Amplitube 5 MAX is $349 by itself, and SampleTank 4 MAX is $299 – and if you’re gonna spend $648 on the two, you might as well get the entire suite AND some monitors for $999 right?

The IK Multimedia iLoud MTM & Total Studio 3 MAX bundle is a kingly deal, delivering outrageous value for $999, and has easily earned the Gear Gods seal of approval.

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