ANIMALS AS LEADERS – “Tooth & Claw” Sitar Cover

After releasing the previous Animals As Leaders and Meshuggah Sitar covers, Gear Gods releases Rishabh Seen’s fourth Sitar cover “Tooth & Claw” – cementing his unique idea for bridging Indian Classical music and Metal music with a Sitar.


Rishabh recently announced his own band ‘Mute The Saint’ ( which will be the world first actual band to be totally dedicated to this vision and sound of Indian classical and Metal and will have a whole record, which will be based on this idea, which will be released in February 2016. Of their self-Titled debut record, as mentioned in the video, Mute The Saint will release their first single, as a YouTube video via the mighty Metal Injection’s Official YouTube and other online media, as a band playthrough video. Mark your dates for it!

Get in touch with Rishabh Seen – www.facebook.con/rishabhseen ,

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Get in touch with Mute The Saint – ,

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Buy Mute The Saint’s upcoming single and music –

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