VIGIER GUITARS The Gear Gods Torture Test

Vigier guitars are so confident in their necks and 10/90 neck system, that they don’t even put truss rods in them. That’s a pretty ballsy move. But with a whole 10% of the neck being carbon fiber, it’s not so much being cavalier as it is just pure science.


But we wanted to know for sure if the neck would hold up under extreme temperature changes, as Vigier claims. It’s important to know if your instrument is going to change when you’re traveling with it in different climates, when your “backstage” is outside in the snow, etc. So we decided to do an actual, real life torture test on one to see what would happen.

We teamed up with Vigier to both freeze and heat up a Vigier guitar neck, taking measurements before and after, to find out whether the neck would shift.

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  • Why not use a stainless steel neck. It has a temperature resistance from -150°C up to +1100°C. ;-)

    • They had tried full carbon fiber necks and found that while sustain and durability was immaculate, some tone was lost because there was no wood. So they started experimenting with amounts of carbon fiber and wood and came up with the 10/90 system to get the best tone and still impeccable durability and sustain and lack of any dead spots. Hope this helped!

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