Revocation’s Dave Davidson Sweeps in Once Again to Tap That… Lick


Like you all, we’re huge fans of Dave Davidson from Revocation’s Thrash Course, hosted by Guitar World. One of the things I love about Dave’s instructional method is the way that he shows how simple music is – that by altering one note in a pattern, you can easily achieve the kind of altered and varied sound that so many lead guitar players in metal seek. In this clip, Dave dives a bit more in-depth on a few sweep/tap-hybrid ideas that can help shake up the way that you play your arpeggios. I’m particularly partial to Dave’s use of the Lydian-sound in his lead playing, and lucky for you, he goes over one way to achieve it with this technique!

It’s not the first time that Dave’s tapped that. Arpeggio, I mean. Lol. Revocation are currently on what has been dubbed a highly “fappable” US tour with The Contortionist, Fallujah, and Toothgrinder. Get dates for that here.

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  • I’ve learned so many fun things from watching Dave. He’s the fucking man!

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