Axe Hacks – How To Upgrade Your Pickups (Project RG270 Part II: The Reckoning)

Axe Hacks is a YouTube channel you should definitely be subscribed to if you are interested in guitar modifications, cool reviews and fun stuff. Kris is the man in front of (and I imagine also behind) the camera, and in this part II of his upgrading of a cheap Ibanez RG270 he takes us through the step by step of changing out the weak sauce stock pickups for some DiMarzios.


I heartily endorse this kind of upgrade, as pickups are the centerpiece of your sound, so making sure you have the right ones (or at least ones of a high caliber) is a must. Also, I think any RG is a great mod playground because most of their parts fit on other RGs. I used to have great fun swapping out necks from my various Ibanezes and poking around in their cavities. It’s possible my idea of fun is not the same as everyone else’s.

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