July 2015

Along with an exclusive track premiere of "Run To Away From Home."

Italians band together, play "Learn to Fly" in a plea for the Foo Fighters to rock in Cesena.

A transparent, musical EQ packed with helpful features for $149.

Bassist Dave Grossman shows us how to lay down the low-end goods.

Dave McGraw rips through new track "Plagueborne."

This week we're giving away an MXR vintage t-shirt!

Ever had a guitar amp blow up onstage?

The DeWalt Mobile Lock could be your lifeline to your trailer if it gets pilfered.

Drummer Cory Hofing raises a toast and picks pieces of hog out of his beard on "Maiden's Call."

A full third of Whitechapel is named Ben. Say hi to Ben and Ben!

Time to get your board ready for the show!

Guitarist Eric Jernigan shows off his rig, including a custom Electrical Guitar Company Telecaster.