CreativeLive “StudioPass: Periphery” Masterclass August 26th – 27th; New Trailer Video

CreativeLive is one of the very best things to come along for music production (and photography, and design, and crafts, and money management….) in years. With the most straightforward of approaches, their free (to watch live) classes put you in front of a seasoned expert who gives a no-nonsense experience-based crash course on some very comprehensive topics. Gear Gods has been lucky enough to host and sponsor some of those very classes, and we strongly support their entire platform.


On August 26th and 27th, CreativeLive will be hosting the massive production talent of Mr. Adam “Nolly” Getgood and the drumming genius of Mr. Matt Halpern for StudioPass: Periphery. Viewers will get an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at exactly how Periphery self-produced its two most recent album releases, Juggernaut: Alpha and Juggernaut: Omega. Getgood and Halpern will track drums live in the studio, showcasing some of the techniques they used on the records – everything from tuning, mic selection, mic positioning and some of their own tricks for handling mic bleed and other common challenges. They’ll then walk through a complete mix using an actual session from the Juggernaut recordings as well as the drum tracks they recorded during the workshop.

It’s free to watch, and if you miss it or want to stream it again at a later date it’s a scant $69 for anytime access. So go RSVP now!

Here’s a teaser:

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