Rigged: Gaytheist Drummer Nick Parks

It’s not too often that we get to drop not one, but TWO exclusive bombs on you, so let’s hit it. This exclusive comes to you via Gaytheist, the Portland rockers known for their bombastic music, insanely offensive name, and hilarious videos by Whitey McConnaughey (the man behind the camera for all those Red Fang clips you love).


In addition to checking in with drummer Nick Parks, we’ve also got a track premiere of “Run To Away From Home” off the band’s upcoming split album with Rabbits, GAY*BITS, which drops on August 21 via Good to Die records. Check it out below, along with a brief rundown of Nick’s current drum set-up.

I started playing drums when I was about 5 years old. My dad is a drummer also and he put a little junker kit together for my brother and I. At some point, double pedal technology got way better and he gave me half of an 8 piece Tama Superstar he has been playing since the early 80’s. Over time I got some of my own drums and gave some of the toms back. Currently I’m playing on a “Frankenstein” of sorts.


My kit is as follows.

24″x16″ Tama Superstar kick drum
18″x 16″ Tama Superstar floor tom
15″x14″ Ludwig rack tom
14″x9 brass Heavy Rock Nine Premier snare

Gaytheist and Rabbits are playing a pair of release shows to celebrate the new release. Catch em if you’re on the West Coast at one of the following

Fri 7/31 @ The Kenton Club – Portland
Sat 8/1 @ The Funhouse – Seattle
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