Eddie Van Halen Makes Elephant and Horse Noises, Destroys Universe

I know you probably figure, christ, it’s Thursday, I’m ready to GTFO of this office to get home and rock, right? Well hold on there buster – don’t go scraping all your junk off yer desk and howling at your boss just yet. Because we’ve got a treat for you to help get you through today.


Ain’t much to this. Taken from the Live Without a Net concert film and shot during the 5150 tour (I know, but it’s the best album of the Sammy Hagar era), it’s Eddie backstage sometime in 1986, messing around and making animal noises with his guitar. 20 years or so before Dragonforce and Gojira did it, kids.


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  • Just seeing this now? Been on youtube for years dimwit.


      • That was funny about 20 years ago and only when Adam Sandler said it…..Got any super current Seinfeld bits you want to drop on us?

  • andrian belew and king crimson were doing shit like that many years before EVH… nothin new or innovative here.

  • The metal community is so nice

  • Hard to believe there’s a guitarist on here who isn’t using Axe-Fx or 8-string guitars. Nice change of pace.

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