July 2015

One of the most controversial bands in black metal are due to drop a new album in October.

It's a group of girls, but don't call them a girl group.

Brooklyn's stalwart frost-biters of doom show off their guitar rigs.

Now with instructional clinics onboard!

You're gonna need some aloe for that

I went down to the River to play, studying about that good OD

I wrestled Gary Busey once.

Get a glimpse into the work process behind one of modern metal's best video-making bands.

We spoke with Rosetta' founding guitarist Matt Weed about his rig and company, Atomium Amps.

Teaser video from Mitchell's new Low End University has got the goods.

Arkansas homeboys show us how to sludge.

We talked to Travis about the making of the new TS album and Aristides guitars.

Rudinger will fill in on drums with Obscura on Summer Slaughter, drops a playthrough video to tease.