CATTLE DECAPITATION is one of the most seasoned grind-core bands in the game. They’ve been literally grinding it out since 1996, and their last three albums have made the US heat and indie charts.

What makes these achievements so impressive to me, is that they’ve done this without compromising their artistic integrity. Each of their albums lyrical content grapple with ecological issues, providing a sobering splash of nihilism. This can be seen with album titles such as THE HARVEST FLOOR and THE ANTHROPOCENE EXTINCTION.

So being able to look into how this process is captured on a sonic level is beyond exclusive. Producer DAVE OTERO goes in-depth with vocalist TRAVIS RYAN and discusses not only the artistic method in his vocal work but also his technical methodology on their new album DEATH ATLAS.

DAVE OTERO provides the birdseye view of the album from a vocal perspective, and his work and input are crucial to maintain the artistic integrity of the artist’s work.

Videos like this really show the amount of work that goes into making a top level album. So check out the video above, it’s completely worth the time to watch all the way through.

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