MESHUGGAH: Watch 8-YEAR-OLD Filipino Drummer Momo DeMonster Destroy This Cover Of “Bleed”


Oh, what’s that? You feel secure being the age you are with the skill level you have? You’re happy with the musician you are and the things you have accomplished? Well (and we’re real sorry about this) it’s about that time again to make you feel awful for even trying because this 8-year-old drummer Momo DeMonster (emphasis on “Monster”) just knocked out this cover of “Bleed” by Swedish prog metal legends Meshuggah. Go ahead, let it all out — it’s okay to weep.

In all sincerity though, this kid absolutely destroys the drum parts here. Playing an instrument was barely even a thought in my head at age 8, so the fact that Momo not only covers this track exceptionally well but looks like a total pro while doing so is an absolute feat. Momo, how do you do it? Can we trade parents?

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