FOUR STROKE BARON Go Planetary In This Drum Playthrough For “Planet Silver Screen”


Four Stroke Baron are a band you’re going to be hearing about more and more these days. The Reno-based rock three-piece have been gearing up for the release of their second full-length album, entitled Planet Silver Screen (out November 9th via Prosthetic Records), and to keep things rolling, drummer Matt Vallarino laid down some sick grooves for the title track in this drum playthrough! Watch and be amazed!

These dudes have a little bit of everything going for them. Mean guitar riffs, soaring vocals, heavy rhythmic elements, and even a stop-motion animated music video for this very song (check it out below). We’re excited to see how the rest of these tunes match up to this one because it’s gonna be pretty hard to beat.

Planet Silver Screen drops November 9th, so you can pre-order and stream it over here in the meantime.

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