CHEMICAL BURN – Kevin Jackson Drum Playthrough

I’m gonna admit that I am not a fan of the thrash revival. Sure, there are some modern thrash-influenced bands that I love very much (Revocation, Sylosis) but the thrash revival seems to be more about back patches, fashion, and underage drinking than actually making great new music.


With at least one notable exception:

This, to me, is what metal is all the fuck about. That’s some serious on-the-ball drumming – in case you needed further proof, at around :50 into the video, the china gets a little flaccid and takes a dive, but he doesn’t miss a beat (not even a sixteenth!). This is Kevin Jackson of Chemical Burn, and the song is “I Rise, I Fly” from their album Raining Anvilswhich will be out August 7th. You can pre-order it on here.

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  • Revocation and Sylosis are amazing! This band sounds pretty good, I might have to check them out!

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