12 MORE Different Kinds of Power Chords

If you play any kind of rock/metal/punk/hardcore guitar, then power chords are your bread and butter. But many guitarists never venture past the typical root/5th type – when there are a lot more to choose from to make your riffs better!


In the above video, I take you through 12 more types of power chords that you can work into your guitar parts to make them more interesting and exciting. I suggest you pick one or two that sound cool to you, and learn how to play them on your guitar – don’t feel like you need to memorize all of them. Just see if any of them jump out at you and you’ll probably find a use for them in your music.

This video was sponsored by the new Fender American Professional II series guitars like the Strat I used in the video, and you’re hearing it through a Revv G20 amp.

So without further ado, here are the 12 shapes, both in standard and drop tuning:

1. Major 6th

Standard tuning Major 6th shape
Drop tuning Major 6th shape

2. Tritone

Standard tuning Tritone shape
Drop tuned Tritone shape

3. Major 3rd

Standard tuning Major 3rd shape
Drop tuned Major 3rd shape

4. Minor 3rd

Standard tuning Minor 3rd shape
Drop tuned Minor 3rd shape

5. Major Triad

Standard tuning Major Triad shape
Drop tuned Major Triad shape

6. Minor Triad

Standard tuning Minor Triad shape
Drop tuned Minor Triad shape

7. 3rd Inversion Dom7th

Standard tuning 3rd Inversion Dominant 7th shape
Drop tuned 3rd Inversion Dominant 7th shape

8. Minor 7th

Standard tuning Minor 7th shape
Drop tuned Minor 7th shape

9. Major 7th – Version 1

Standard tuning Major 7th shape – Version 1
Drop tuned Major 7th shape – Version 1

10. Major 7th – Version 2

Standard tuning Major 7th shape – Version 2
Drop tuned Major 7th shape – Version 2

11. MinMaj7th

Standard tuning MinMaj7th shape
Drop tuned MinMaj7th shape

12. Augmented

Standard tuning Augmented shape
Drop tuned Augmented shape

Here’s the first video I put out about different power chord types – between these two videos, you’ll have an arsenal of 24 new ways to spice up your riffs:

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