Fuck what you heard about iwrestledabearonce. I’m lucky enough to meet a lot of bands, and I’ve had a myriad of different kinds of experiences with them (mostly pretty positive). There’s only one band, though, that really took care of me from their own pockets when they really didn’t have to – IWABO bought me tacos and showed me a good time, even though this is hardly Rolling Stone or Spin magazine. The fact that they treated a noob “journalist” from a tiny gear website like a prince speaks volumes about their character, and that character extends to their insane and insanely fun live performance and catalog of recordings.


If you want to laugh, cry, and puke, be sure to see IWABO once before you die. Even under the less-than-ideal circumstances under which I saw them perform this past weekend (one of the most poorly put together festivals I’ve attended – clueless employees/security, 100 degree weather, local yokel sound guy, 1 guitarist short) they are incendiary.

Their show is made possible by their immense talent, but also with a little help from the cool gear they use to make it happen, which, as I’m sure you guessed already, is the subject of the following video.

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  • For some reason i like this band… They are pretty good.. I hope they manage to come play live here in New Zealand one day.. Nice rig run down…

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