Metal can be one of the most challenging genres of music to mix, but extreme metal? Ho boy.


Between the distorted guitars, deafening drums, and a thousand other cacophonous elements going on, it can be easy for a metal mix to crumble before it even gets off the ground. But never fear, that’s why Scott Elliott ofChernobyl Studios is here with his new online course, Mixing Extreme Metal; a comprehensive guide dedicated to ensuring you get crushing metal mixes every single time.

This course dives in deep on a lot of bases that many other mixing tutorials fail to cover, including some of the essentials like vocal editing and comping, dealing with phase issues, removing bleed in close drum-mics and fixing timing issues without creating artifacts. Scott then goes into detail on the elements that can really bring a mix to life, including creating your own drum samples, getting massive 3-dimensional guitar and bass tones, and crafting aggressive vocals that sore over an already banging mix.

The course includes:

  • Over 10 hours of detailed instruction from beginning to end: going from creating the drum editing session to learning how to prepare your mix for mastering—no stone unturned, no detail glossed over
  • Every single pre-production session (Drum Editing, Vocal Editing, Orchestral Arrangement & more)
  • The main mix session
  • ALL OF THE SESSION FILES: from raw recordings, unedited drums and choral tracks, the original orchestral MIDI file and the kick MIDI, and Scott’s guitar tone presets, all the way to bounced edits and the final arrangement. Compare the before and after, practice editing yourself, and follow every step that goes into proper pre-production.
  • Scott’s Cubase key commands and program preferences that you can load into your own copy of Cubase
  • Access to a curated, private Discord community reserved only for those inside the course
  • A PDF of the full list of plugins used and where to find them
  • A PDF of the musicians that helped write and record the song and their contact information
  • A mixing cheatsheet that details the steps I always take that you can reference when you are working on the course and future mixes
  • All future updates and content additions to the course will be FREE FOR LIFE

What are you waiting for? Snag the course over on Pro Mix Academy while it’s still on sale for the next 24 hours at just $87 (normally $147).

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