Stompblox Are Like Legos, But For Your Pedalboard

We somehow slept on this ingenious invention over the last few months, but Grant from BIG EAR n.y.c. recently brought them to my attention and I yelped when I saw them: Digital Audio Lab”s line of Stompblox modular pedalboards.


These things are basically stackable pedalboards, that work by pushing all of the guts into an easily organized inner cavity: thumbscrew joints pass-throughs for cables, routing tie points, space for your power supply or juice box, etc (the latter is almost online casino as cool as Ron Jarzombek”s power amp mod that includes a little slot for shots). But what”s so cool about these is that they can be modified and added to with snap-in risers and extender units – so when your pedalboard needs to adjust its real estate, you”re not landlocked into a certain amount of space. Sort of like a surge protector to an electrical outlet. It”s so simple that I can”t believe somebody else hasn”t already gone and done this.

In other words, you get to play Tetris, and you get to play with Legos, while you”re playing with your guitar. I want to see more gear like this in 2015: easy-to-use, adjustable, versatile, and adaptable.


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