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Does anyone else geek out on seven strings with tele bodies or am I in the minority here? The guitarist

Dude, you're probably just not picking hard enough.

I mean hell, there's magnets involved. And a "self-automating trap design." It sounds like you'd need a PhD for that.

Mike Orlando from Adrenaline Mob gave us a tour. For those of you wondering, he's my second favorite Orlando: below

NAMM 2014 was the year of nine strings, and of one.

Rise from your graves, and build new amplifiers.

New custom options are on hand for their 2014 NAMM guitars.

A bunch of new amps at the lower-priced end of the spectrum.

And take some drumming from Animals As Leaders' Matt Garstka while you're at it.

The metal cousins to Fender have quite a few new pieces on display.

Isn't that the Greek guy who yelled "eureka" when he got in the bath tub and noticed that the water

I believe they can get me through the ni-iiight.

They continue to push innovation with their new direct drive pedal and tom stand.

When you see how these designs are created you're going to be seriously impressed.