NAMM 2014: ShredNeck Makes Tiny Guitars So Your Big Mitts Can Get Some Practice

I saved a lot of the fun little NAMM gadgets for today. The Noodle. Tilt-A-Speaker. And now, ShredNeck. They’re just little guitar necks with actual strings and proper tension, so you can warm up and practice scales in the van/backstage/in a closet/in prison/wherever. On tour there have been plenty of times that I’ve considered bringing my guitar into the passenger area of the vehicle, but a full-size piece is always longer than you think: just enough to annoy the shit out of the other person sitting on the bench seat.


So, ShredNeck. Get a little fingerwork in while you’re killing time. Mike Orlando from Adrenaline Mob showed us his signature model. And yes, I do think it’s a little unnecessary to have a signature practice neck, but hey if you like the band go for it.

The company also makes fully functional guitars in travel sizes, and a TremBlock which you can stick under a Floyd Rose floating bridge to hold it in place if you want to remove all the strings at once.

Want a tour through the booth from Mike Orlando? You got it. Tony Orlando fans, you’re out of luck.

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  • Tremblock seems very useful, but I have my doubts on the neck practice thing.

  • What a salesman

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