NAMM 2014: Tilt-A-Speaker… You Won’t Believe What It Does

Tilt-A-Speaker narrowly beat Sabian’s Cymbal Vote contest to claim our coveted NAMM 2014 award for “Most Aptly-Named Product.” Look at it tilt the hell out of that speaker. But you know, at first I was skeptical, yet as the owner of a straight 412 cabinet I sometimes miss getting a more accurate picture of what the crowd is hearing (since they’re lower than me and their heads are often speaker-level), so I can EQ my tone better. This seems like a decent solution to cheaply get an angle on the top two cones if you don’t have the scratch two afford a second cab.


I’m more leery of tilting those speakers sideways for a reduction in directionality, and if I wanted to go that route I might be more prone install some Beam Blockers. But it’s nice to see multiple approaches to a problem. They only reatail for $25 per unit, so if you want to give them a shot head to Tilt-A-Speaker’s website.

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