NAMM 2014: Ibanez Is Now Using Bare Knuckle Pickups, Also Has New Prestige Models

Ibanez were excited about two things at NAMM this year, at least in this video: more affordable Prestige series guitars and Bare Knuckle pickups. The former is due to dollar-to-yen fluctuations and wood trade costs. The point being, their nicest guitars still aren’t cheap but are a little more in reach financially than they used to be. It got me thinking about the first guitar I ever really loved, an Ibanez S7420-FM, which I eventually sold because I can’t stand Floyds. Ibanez, release this non-Floyd Prestige 7-string S in the finish of this 8-string and I will buy it before the truck can shift to park.


The other notable news in non-signature guitars was the introduction of Ibanez’s Uppercut guitars with Bare Knuckles in them. This continues the trend of greater pickup variety from all of these manufacturers, which is good news all around.

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  • There hitting the whole Djent market hard.

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