NAMM 2014: Dillinger Escape Plan’s Billy Rymer at Tama’s 40th Anniversary Party

My biggest NAMM regret was missing Tama’s 40th Anniversary Party, which featured Animals As Leaders and this performance by The Dillinger Escape Plan’s Billy Rymer. Someone told me that both had performed by 9, so I went back to the hotel to write posts like this one, when in fact things were just kicking off at that time. So essentially what I’m saying is that a lame idiot runs this site.


Well some gem of a human being did us all a solid and posted the performance. Actually that person may have been Billy himself, or a buddy of his, but I’m sure Billy is a swell kid so my statement still stands.

Bonus. Sick Drummer filmed Animals As Leaders’ Matt Garstka at the same event.

Source: The PRP

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