tama Tag

"His nimbly precise prowess pretty much solidifies that BTBAM solidly grasps the mantle of contemporary progressive metal."

Tama's top of the line just got even prettier.

Mister You May Not

A vented snare for venting your angst.

Cocktail on the beach? Don't mind if I do!

Dream Theater fans: own a piece of DT history - the AWAKE drum kit!

Because, you know, room mics. And he's in a room, and you're watching him in it

I'm pretty sure these guys have PhDs in advanced mad scientist-ing.

The tools of the trade for cutting through a wall of sound with each drum strike.

I have a friend who always refers to Dimmu Borgir as "Dimmu Burger," and it makes me hungry every time.

Dillinger Escape Plan drummer climbs to mountaintop. Finds Tama cocktail kit. Also possibly enlightenment.