For me, the second best thing about playing drums after sounding cool, is looking cool. There are a lot of good sounding, good looking kits currently on the market. At the same time there are a lot of bad sounding, tacky looking kits out there too. When you think of TAMA you always think of the former.


Tama STAR have recently released their new range of finishes after their colossal victory at this year’s NAMM. A brilliant drum manufacturer, with constantly great sounding and durable equipment, it’s no wonder why Tama is the choice of so many professional musicians worldwide, everybody from Lars Ulrich to Stewart Copeland endorses Tama. These are some of the sweetest and best looking finishes out there at the moment.

With some creatively imaginative names, they have put out in to the market; Wild Sea Blue Bosse, Atomic Orange (ow my eyes), Grand Aqua Blue and Sierra Red Bosse Burst. So at the same time as sounding incredible you can also look as flash as fuck. Choose from Bubinga, Maple or Walnut to really make them stand out. I think my favourite is the Wild Sea Blue Bosse Maple finish.

Check out the awesome new designs here and feast your eyes on some delicious drum finishes.

Screen Shot 2016-10-27 at 1.42.13 AM

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