Miss May I were one of my very first interviews ever back at Mayhem Fest (RIP) of last year, and still one of my favorite and most fun. They were very gracious and patient with my stumbling through questions and being generally unprofessional (if only that weren’t still true) and had a good time.


At the time, it wasn’t really possible to do a full rig video, as all  the interviews were taking place in the press tent under the strict supervision of some menacing prison guards (actually adorable PR girls who were also very nice to me and let me take water bottles meant for the artists).

Well, it’s been a time, but I finally got my Rigged. They shot it for me at a stop on this year’s Warped tour, and I must say it turned out splendid.

Miss May I’s new album Deathless drops this Friday, August 7th. Pre-order it here on iTunes.

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  • Does anyone know what pedals Ryan Neff used on the At Heart album?

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