Mayhem Fest – Interview with Miss May I

Continuing our one-track-mind coverage of the lengthily titled Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Fest, we talked to Justin and BJ from Rise Records metalcore band Miss May I. I asked them about their somewhat unusual (for metal) association with Fender, who also owns EVH, Jackson, and Charvel, and how they got involved with all of the above brands. You’ll also want to watch this video if you want to know the worst piece of shit they’ve ever played is. I had a fun time with these cool dudes, check it out.


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  • Who names their band “Miss May I?” Is that a real band name? Are they serious?

    • You’d probably enjoy quite a bit. See ya there


  • I anticipated that their answer to the ‘worst piece of shit they ever played’ would be their own setlist, alas.

  • These guys are so cool…

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