Anup Sastry Releases Drum Playthrough of Devin Townsend’s “Singularity”

Anup Sastry is a highly mysterious character who periodically pops up on a record completely unannounced and blows me away every time. I’m completely aware of the fact that he is one of the top dogs in the world when it comes to slapping the skins, but I always find myself asking, “where will I see him next?”


This time Anup makes an appearance on the newest Devin Townsend record, Empath, alongside fellow drum wizards Morgen Argen and Samus Paulicelli. Since the drumming duties were split up on this record Anup decided to perform a section that he participated on during the tracking process for the album. This section is entitled “Singularity Part 6: Here Comes the Sun” and it features many signature Devin Townsend moves. This track rapidly shifts between highly melodic and atmospheric sections into absolutely dizzying explosions of heavy guitar driven chaos. It even looks like Anup might be sweating a little bit during certain parts… But probably not.

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