December 2014

For those of you who choose to usher in the New Year with an Imperial Stout that has an alcohol

I like how this dude celebrates the holidays. He knows how to get it done.

We'll be kicking off the new year with a bang, including all the NAMM coverage you can stomach.

Colorado thrashers show you what the meaning of tight is.

I don't think that's a working phone, Joe. Where did you even get that thing? It looks like something you'd

Live set from Saint Vitus Bar shows the plagued band at a return-to-form.

If you're going to have a twin guitar playthrough then why not give an angle to both necks at all

Portland riff merchants are in-studio with Audiosiege engineer/Toxic Holocaust mainman Joel Grind.

Well, there are some things.

This week we're giving away a Havalina Germanium Fuzz.

Legendary director of Halloween, Escape From New York to release album of original solo material.

Bonus: you now have a great name for the villain in your Transformers fan-fiction.

A rare look behind the doors of World Musical Instrument Co. Ltd., the company responsible for producing guitars and basses