Lord Dying Poison the Altars of Audiosiege… With Rock

I wasn’t super familiar with Portland, Oregon’s Lord Dying, but I was excited to hear that they were making their upcoming record, Poisoned Altars, with Joel Grind of Toxic Holocaust (and as of this year, tracking and mixing engineer at Audiosiege Studios). Grind is well known for his thrash chops, so I was stoked to hear what he would be capable of with a more sludgy, riff-y, doom-y band like Lord Dying.


He and the band done did good. See below for example, for “An Open Sore,” the newly premiered track featuring the god Aaron Beam of Red Fang. I’m really digging the guitar tone on this song, which has a bit more sizzle and clarity than music of this nature typically relies on:

Pretty sick, right? The band has also posted two little in-studio teaser clips documenting the guitar and drum tracking for the record. Check them out below:

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