Dictated’s “The Basher” Playthroughs Has Many Virtues, Including Its Camera Angle

I had a realization while watching this twin guitar playthrough for the Dictated song “The Basher.” If you’re going to include multiple musicians in one video then please keep both of them on the camera at one time. There’s a trend now for playthroughs to follow the path of lyric videos as low-budget replacements for traditional music videos. Sometimes they even split the difference, which has led to some interesting camera work, scenic locations, and wizards.


But I don’t know; does that sort of miss the point? Don’t many of us watch these things to learn, you know, how the song is played? Sure, usually the fingers aren’t moving slowly enough to pick up every note by sight, but combined with old-fashioned ear learning a playthrough video can be a valuable aid to comparing the fingering and giving hints on that passage you can’t quite grasp, not to mention showing you new perspectives on playing technique.

So basically what I’m saying is “thanks, Dictated, for filming this video in such a way as to keep both of your guitars on camera at all times. It may not win awards for cinematography, but it will win you a high-five when next we meet.”

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