Chris Letchford Scales the Summit of Piedra Falls

Scale the Summit fingersmith Chris Letchford, ever the master of the guitar playthrough in cool-looking place, has posted a new video for the song “Piedra Falls” off his new solo album Lightbox, in which he jazzes through the tune in the shadow of a great waterfall. Unlike his past playthroughs, this song comes with an absolutely crazy and tragic story from Chris”s childhood, which he recounts:


Around 15 years ago, I was vacationing with my family in Pagosa Springs, CO. We would go to Piedra Falls every time we would come to visit. The rock walls seen behind me in this video have “climb me” written all casino online over them, and I was never allowed as a kid to climb them for good reason. This year ended up being a trip I would never forget. I was fly fishing from one of the giant boulders watching a girl attempt to climb the rocks on the left side of the waterfall. She made it near the top and then fell. I heard her scream and turned around to see her fall around 100 feet to her death. She was then pushed down and under the waterfall. It took almost 3 hours for a scuba team to arrive and retrieve her body, it”s likely that she died on impact. While working on this song its sad vibe constantly reminded me of witnessing this girl lose her life. It has stuck with every since and I”ll never forget it. I decided to hike back up to these falls with my fiance to film the play through of this song in her honor. I have searched everywhere for the article to get her name so I could dedicate the song and video to her, but was unsuccessful.

Hope you guys enjoy the song and the video.” -Chris

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  • A Mount Everest playthrough video is the only way to ensure outdoor playthrough dominance short of going into orbit. Either that, or the Playboy Mansion.

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