There’s Only One Reason Thy Art Is Murder Would’ve Put a Wizard in their Playthrough Video, Right?

For years, Thy Art is Mordor have been known for their stunning illustrations of the most evil, defiled landmarks in Middle Earth, such as the ancient castle of Durthang and the awe-inspiring tower of Barad-dûr- known as Lugbúrz in the black speech of the land.


Wait, what? …goddamnit. Okay, let me start this over again.

Thy Art is Murder have been known for being heavy as all get-out, substantially contributing to the mass of the earth to the point where scientists are now concerned about our increased gravitational pull. I’m also convinced that they’re fucking with me by kicking off this playthrough video with a shot of Gandalf the Mutherfuckin’ Grey. I mean seriously, not only does he have the look, but he’s exhaling a trademark cloud of Old Toby, the finest weed in the Southfarthing. And he’s wearing the One Ring, which I guess he stole from Bilbo. So here it is, definitive proof that I’m not the only one who makes bad Tolkien puns whenever I need to refer to the band. Now I’m anxiously waiting some CG oliphants in the next Meek Is Murder video.

Anyway, in between clips of Gandalf Stormcrow and FIFA 15 there’s a guitar playthrough to be enjoyed here. It’s for the track “Immolation,” off of Thy Art is M_____’s new record, Hate, which was released on Nuclear Blast this past April. However, maybe the best move on your part would be to check out the band live on 2014’s Summer Slaughter tour. This way you’re also watching Origin and Dying Fetus, and everyone wins.


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