July 2014

Master of Amps I'm turning your knobs.

Resting on the sabbath is for wimps who can't play 80 billion notes per second.

A skeletal rig for A Skeletal Domain

In your music cave of the future, do you want dedicated devices, or one box for listening to, creating, and

The finest in German heaviness, straight to you from California's beautiful coastline.

They want to touch more of your drum head, baby. Because that skin of yours is so fine.

Wait, you mean microphones are more than a pop shield and a cable coming out the rear end?

Have rising petroleum costs discouraged you from making a serious go at killing it three states over? Here's a few

For fans of quality recordings, augmented reality, or paying for things with Euros.

He's Conquered Dystopia, mowed the Plains of Oblivion, and ordered Zero Phase, so what's next?

Here's your Tumblr of the week winner, folks.

We spoke to the Gojira guitarist/vocalist about his hard-to-duplicate vocal delivery, guitar rig, and the band's cab sim secret weapon.

Even if your band plays crustened black metal, you probably envy this band's guitar tone.

Because honestly aren't you carrying enough dodads with you already?